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UK BBC and commercial radio stations starting with T:
talkSPORT 2 [TS2]
Tay FM [TAY]
Tay 2 [TY2]
Tay 3 [TY3]
TFM 2 [TF2]
TFM 3 [TF3]
Thames Radio [TMS]
The Arrow [ARR]
The Bay [BAY]
The Beach [BCH]
The Beat (Beds, Herts & Bucks) [TBT]
The Breeze (Cheltenham & North Gloucestershire) [BCT]
The Breeze (Somerset & Dorset) (Bridgwater & West Somerset) [BBW]
The Breeze (Somerset & Dorset) (North Dorset) [BND]
The Breeze (Somerset & Dorset) (Yeovil & South Somerset) [BYV]
The Breeze (South Devon) [BTB]
The Breeze (South) (East Hampshire & South West Surrey) [BEH]
The Breeze (South) (Portsmouth) [BPM]
The Breeze (South) (Southampton) [BSO]
The Breeze (South) (Winchester) [BWC]
The Breeze (South West) (Bath) [BBA]
The Breeze (South West) (Bristol) [BBT]
The Breeze (South West) (Frome & West Wiltshire) [BWW]
The Breeze (South West) (North Somerset) [BNS]
The Breeze (Thames Valley) (Andover) [BAV]
The Breeze (Thames Valley) (Basingstoke & North Hampshire) [BBS]
The Breeze (Thames Valley) (Newbury) [BNB]
The Flash [FLA]
The Hits Radio [HIT]
The Steve Penk Wind Up Channel [SPW]
The Voice [VCE]
The Wave Summertime [WSM]
96.4FM The Wave [WSW]
The Wireless [WLS]
Time 107.5 [TMR]
Timeless Radio [TML]
totallyradio [TTL]
96.2 Touch FM [TCV]
Touch FM (Burton upon Trent, Lichfield & Tamworth) [TBL]
Touch FM (Shakespeare's County & The Vale) [TEV]
107.4 Tower FM [TOW]
Town 102 [TWN]
Trafford Sound [TFD]
Trax FM [TRX]
Trickstar Radio [TSR]
Two Lochs Radio [2LR]

Irish RTÉ and commercial radio stations starting with T:
Tipp FM [TIP]
Today FM [TDY]

UK & RoI community radio stations starting with T:
Takeover Radio 103.2 [TOL]
Takeover Radio 106.9 [TOS]
Tameside Radio [TAM]
106.8 TCR fm [TCR]
TD1 Radio [TD1]
Tempo FM [TEM]
The Beat London 103.6FM [BTL]
The Cat [CAT]
103 The Eye [EYE]
The HitMix [HMX]
The Source FM [SRC]
The Thread 102.8FM [THD]
The Voice [VCE]
Tipperary Mid West Radio [TMW]
TMCR 95.3 [TMC]
107.8 Tone FM [TON]
Tudno FM [TUD]
Tulip Radio [TLP]

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