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Website Last Updated: 14:37 GMT 10/02/16

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(10/02/16): Following a consultation with our existing sponsors, we have now increased the number of simultaneous internet-only stations that can be listed on RadioFeeds to 12. Check our sponsored listings page to see how you can get your station listed on RadioFeeds to take advantage of this additional capacity.
(04/02/16): Oldies Sussex launches at 1pm today on DAB in Sussex and have both and mp3 stream and an AAC+ stream available.
(02/02/16): New addition for NQR.FM who are now testing on the Manchester small-scale DAB multiplex.
(30/01/16): Jazz, soul and funk station Grooveline 24 added to our mp3 section as they take a slot in our sponsored listings scheme.
(29/01/16): Asian station Awaaz FM launches on the Portsmouth small-scale DAB mux later on today and has now been added to RadioFeeds! North Yorkshire Oldies launches on DAB in North Yorkshire on Monday and has now been added to our mp3 and aacPlus sections!
(28/01/16): UWS Radio now streaming in 320k mp3 quality. New addition for Indie Rewind, the latest station to sign up for our sponsored listings scheme for internet-only radio stations.. The station plays indie from the 80s, 90s and 00s.
(27/01/16): Salford City Radio available again.
(25/01/16): Lyca Radio 1458 and Lyca Dilse 1035 available again. Salford City Radio currently unavailable.
(24/01/16): Stream address for Redroad updated, (Thanks, Chris!). Lyca Radio 1458 and Lyca Dilse 1035 currently unavailable, (Thanks, Saloni and Satwant!)
(22/01/16): Radio Nirvana now renamed to Golden Radio. Stream address updated for Radio Matryoshka and Chorley FM.
(18/01/16): 160k mp3 stream added for Bay FM, (Thanks, Neil!)
(16/01/16): Radio Plymouth now up again, (Thanks, Martin!)
(15/01/16): Stream is down for Radio Plymouth (Thanks, Linda!)
(14/01/16): Stream addresses for Air 107.2 and ICR FM updated. 128k stream for 107.5 Switch Radio unavailable, (Thanks for those, Marco!)
(13/01/16): GO Radio is now testing on the Glasgow small-scale DAB mux and has been added to RadioFeeds! 48k mono feed for Asian Sound Radio currently unavailable, (Thanks, Sourav!)
(10/01/16): Liverpool's 107.6 Juice FM has now rebranded to Capital and will be launching on January 18th.
(04/01/16): UCB 1 UK now formally known as UCB 1 and UCB 2 Inspirational is now nominally known as UCB 2.
(01/01/16): HAPPY NEW YEAR! Stream address for Radio Nova in Dublin updated, (Thanks, John!)

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Forthcoming Live English Premier League Live Commentaries:

» Saturday 6th February:
12:45: Manchester City v Leicester City on BBC 5 live (UK only)
15:00: Liverpool v Sunderland on Absolute Radio
15:00: Tottenham Hotspur v Watford on BBC 5 live (UK only)
17:30: Southampton v West Ham United on talkSPORT (UK only)

» Sunday 7th February:
13:30: A. F. C. Bournemouth v Arsenal on talkSPORT (UK only)
16:00: Chelsea v Manchester United on BBC 5 live (UK only)

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Red Bullet: There are important notes associated with this stream that you should read, for example, some internet radio streams may have a restricted output on the Internet, and may therefore be unavailable at certain times of the day.
Deflected Arrow: The actual output for this stream is slightly different to the one advertised in the description. Details of the actual stream are stated in the floating bubble message.
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