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Website Last Updated: 10:44 GMT 27/03/15

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British DX Club's Radio Stations in the United Kingdom

(27/03/15): Stream bitrate for Branch FM reduced to 128k, (Thanks, Josh!). Three-letter short code for Smooth Radio (Bristol & Bath) migrated from "SBR" to "SBB".
(23/03/15): Chelmsford Radio and Southend Radio have merged their brandings to become Radio Essex. Jazz FM's 128k AAC+ stream restored, (Thanks, Neil!)
(19/03/15): Stream address updated for Citybeat 96.7 & 102.5FM.
(18/03/15): Our contact forms have been fixed on the majority of our pages, including our main pages and registration pages.
(17/03/15): We've fixed a fault with our iOS, Android and BlackBerry 10 app-free players. Please contact us if you continue to have problems. (Thanks for the report, Paul!)
(14/03/15): New addition for BBC World Service on AAC+ (HLS), (Thanks, Guy!) COMMUNITY RADIO: New addition for CamGlen Radio, who launch this Thursday in South Lanarkshire!
(11/03/15): Jazz FM's 128k AAC+ stream reduced to 48k, (Thanks, Neil!)
(07/03/15): Do you use Winamp? Help us test our new plugin! Drop us a message and let us know you'd like to give it a try.
(04/03/15): Pop-up station BBC Radio 2 Country airs between March 5th and March 8th on DAB and has now been added to our AAC (HLS) section. Listen on desktop, iOS, Android and on BlackBerry 10 platforms, (Thanks, James!)
(03/03/15): Higher-bitrate stream for CSR FM reduced to 128k, (Thanks, Josh!)
(27/02/15): All BBC local radio stations streaming in Windows Media format now retired. Nations stations are still streaming for now. A new sponsored listing for Radio 25 Live, playing all kinds from the 60s to today as well as talk shows in the evening. You'll find them in the mp3 section.
(26/02/15): Silk 106.9's 128k stream available again, (Thanks, Andy!)
(25/02/15): Silk 106.9's 128k stream currently unavailable, (Thanks, Andy!)
(24/02/15): All links to station pages are down at the moment. We are looking into this. Other shortcuts may be intermittent whilst we work on the problem. Apologies for this inconvenience. (UPDATE: all repairs have now taken place and no further outages are expected). New addition for Radio Nirvana, broadcasting to Surrey and North Sussex DAB. Trash Can Radio has been removed as this strand of programming is now available on the new station.
(23/02/15): We've just completed a move of server. Wii Homebrew users should download an update to ensure continued service.
(22/02/15): We have a new recruit to our sponsored listings. Ireland's, managed by Phantom FM's founder presenter Simon Maher, has joined our listings and has now been added to our Irish section. The station plays and eclectic mix of rock and alternative.

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Forthcoming Live English Premier League Live Commentaries:

Saturday 14th March:
12:45: Crystal Palace v Queens Park Rangers on BBC 5 live (128k/320k AAC HLS, UK only)
15:00: Arsenal v West Ham United on Absolute Radio and on Today FM
15:00: Sunderland v Aston Villa on BBC 5 live sports extra (128k/320k AAC HLS, UK only)
17:30: Burnley v Manchester City on talkSPORT (UK only)

Sunday 15th March:
13:00: Chelsea v Southampton on talkSPORT (UK only)
16:00: Everton v Newcastle United on BBC 5 live sports extra (128k/320k AAC HLS, UK only)
16:00: Manchester United v Tottenham Hotspur on BBC 5 live (128k/320k AAC HLS, UK only)

Monday 16th March:
20:00: Swansea City v Liverpool on BBC 5 live sports extra (128k/320k AAC HLS, UK only)

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Red Bullet: There are important notes associated with this stream that you should read, for example, some internet radio streams may have a restricted output on the Internet, and may therefore be unavailable at certain times of the day.
Deflected Arrow: The actual output for this stream is slightly different to the one advertised in the description. Details of the actual stream are stated in the floating bubble message.
(To view the notes, simply hover over the bullet, and a message bubble will show.)
Brown Box: This station also streams in Streaming mp3 format.
Periwinkle Box: This station also streams in aacPlus/AAC format.
Yellow Box: This station also streams in Windows Media Player format.
Windows Media Player Logo: Higher bitrates are available when using stream with Windows Media Player 9 or higher.
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