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UK BBC and commercial radio stations starting with C:
Capital (Anglesey & Gwynedd) [CCY]
Capital (Liverpool) [CLV]
Capital (London) [CLN]
Capital (Mid Counties) (Coventry) (formerly Touch FM) [CCV]
Capital (Mid Counties) (North Oxfordshire) (formerly Banbury Sound) [CBB]
Capital (Mid Counties) (Rugby) (formerly Rugby FM) [CRG]
Capital (Mid Counties) (South East Staffordshire) (formerly Touch FM) [CBL]
Capital (Mid Counties) (Stratford-upon-Avon) (formerly Touch FM) [CSF]
Capital (Mid Counties) (Warwick) (formerly Touch FM) [CWK]
Capital (Midlands) (Birmingham) [CBH]
Capital (Midlands) (Derbyshire) [CDB]
Capital (Midlands) (Leicestershire) [CLS]
Capital (Midlands) (Nottinghamshire) [CNT]
Capital (North East England) (Teesside) [CTS]
Capital (North East England) (Tyne & Wear) [CTW]
Capital (North West & North Wales) (North Wales Coast) [CNW]
Capital (North West & North Wales) (The Wirral) [CWR]
Capital (North West & North Wales) (Wrexham & Cheshire) [CWC]
Capital (North West England) (Burnley & Pendle) (formerly 2BR) [CBP]
Capital (North West England) (Manchester) [CMC]
Capital (North West England) (Preston & Blackburn) (formerly 2BR) [CPB]
Capital (Scotland) (East) [CED]
Capital (Scotland) (West) [CGL]
Capital (South) (Brighton) [CBN]
Capital (South) (South Coast) [CSC]
Capital (South Wales) [CCN]
Capital (UK) [CUK]
Capital (Yorkshire) (East) [CHM]
Capital (Yorkshire) (South & West) [CYS]
Capital XTRA (London) [CXL]
Capital XTRA (UK) [CXU]
Capital XTRA Reloaded [CXR]
103.1 Central FM [CEN]
Centreforce Radio [CTF]
Channel 103 [103]
Cheesy FM [CHS]
Chris Country [CCT]
Classic FM [CLA]
Classic Hits (UK) [CHT]
Classical 1 [AC1]
Clyde 1 [CL1]
Clyde 2 [CL2]
Compass FM [COM]
Connections Radio [CON]
Cool FM [COL]
Cornucopia Broadcasting [CNC]
Cosoro Radio [COS]
Country Hits Radio [CTH]
Crackers Radio [CKR]
Cuillin FM [CUI]
Cyber Hot Hits (formerly Cyber Radio) (CEASED) [CHH]
Cyber Rock [CRK]

Irish RTÉ and commercial radio stations starting with C:
C103 (Cork) [CCK]
C103 (West Cork) [CCW]
Clare FM [CLR]
Classic Hits (formerly Classic Hits 4FM) [CLH]

UK & RoI community radio stations starting with C:
Cabin FM [CAB]
Calon FM [CAL]
Cam FM [CAM]
Cambridge 105 Radio [CBG]
CamGlen Radio 107.9FM [CMG]
Canalside Radio 102.8fm (formerly The Thread 102.8FM) [CNS]
CandoFM [CAN]
Cannock Chase Radio [CKC]
Castledown FM [CSD]
CCR - Chelmsford Community Radio [CFD]
Celtic Music Radio [CMR]
Chorley FM (CEASED) [CHO]
Claremorris Community Radio [CCR]
Coast FM [CST]
Colne Radio 106.6FM [CNE]
Community Radio Kilkenny City 88.7fm [KKC]
Connemara Community Radio [CNM]
Corby Radio [COR]
CRCfm - Community Radio Castlebar [CRC]
Crescent Community Radio [CRE]
Cross Rhythms City Radio [XRS]
Cross Rhythms (Plymouth) [XRP]
Cross Rhythms (Teesside) (CEASED) [XRT]
CRY 104FM - Community Radio Youghal [YGL]
Crystal FM [CRY]
Cumbernauld FM [CUM]
104.5 CVFM Radio [CVF]
CWR - Carillon Wellbeing Radio [CWB]

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