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UK BBC and commercial radio stations starting with A:
Absolute Classic Rock [ACR]
Absolute Radio [ABS]
Absolute Radio 60s [A60]
Absolute Radio 70s [A70]
Absolute 80s [A80]
Absolute Radio 90s [A90]
Absolute Radio 00s [A00]
Absolute Radio 10s [A10]
Absolute Radio 20s [A20]
Absolute Radio Country (formerly Country Hits Radio) [ACN]
Actual Radio [ATL]
Adventist Radio London [ADV]
All Oldies Radio [AOD]
ANGEL extra [AGX]
Angel Radio (Portsmouth & Havant) [AGH]
Arena Radio [ARE]
Argyll FM [ARG]
Array Radio (CEASED) [ARY]
Asian FX [AFX]
Asian Sound Radio [ASR]
Aspen Waite Radio [APW]
Athavan Radio [ATV]
Atmosphere.Radio [ATM]

Irish RTÉ and commercial radio stations starting with A:
No stations were found.

UK & RoI community radio stations starting with A:
Abbey104 [ABY]
105.9 Academy FM [ACF]
107.8 Academy FM [ACT]
AIR 107.2 [AIW]
Akash Radio [AKS]
Alive 107.3 [ALI]
Amber Sound FM [ABR]
Ambur Radio [AMB]
Andover Radio [AND]
Angel Radio (Isle of Wight) [AGW]
Angel Radio (Portsmouth & Havant) [AGH]
97.3 Apple FM [APP]
Asian Star 101.6 FM [AST]
Athlone Community Radio [ATH]
Awaaz FM (Southampton) [AWZ]
Awaz 103.1 FM - Pendle Community Radio [AWP]
Awaz FM (Glasgow) [AWG]

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