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Where to hear the Pepsi Chart

Be sure to tune in to hear who's number 1 this week on any of these radio stations, every Sunday from 4 to 7pm.

2-Ten FM
Aire, Radio
Bay, The
Beacon FM, 103.1 (Shropshire)
Beacon FM, 97.2 (Black Country)
Bear, FM 102 The
Bridge FM, 106.3
Borders, Radio
BRMB FM, 96.4
Broadland 102
Buzz 97.1, The
CFM Radio (Carlisle)
CFM Radio (West Cumbria)
Capital FM, 95.8
Centre FM
Ceredigion, Radio
Champion FM 103
Channel 103 FM
Chiltern FM, 96.9 (Bedford)
Chiltern FM, 97.6 (Luton)
City 96.7, Radio
Clyde 1 FM
Coast FM 96.3
Cool FM
CTFM Radio, 106
Delta FM 102 (Wey Valley)
Delta FM 97.1 (Haslemere)
Downtown Radio
Dream 107.7 (Chelmsford)
Eagle, 96.4 The
Essex FM
Forth One
Gemini FM (Exeter & East Devon)
Gemini FM (Torbay)
GWR FM, 103 (Bath)
GWR FM (Bristol)
GWR FM (Wiltshire)
Hallam FM
Hereward FM, 102.7
Horizon, FM 103
Invicta FM
Island FM
Isle of Wight Radio
Key 103
KL.FM, 96.7
KM-fm (Rochester)
KM-fm (Tonbridge)
Lantern FM 96.2
Leicester Sound, 105.4 FM
Lincs FM
MFM 103.4
Manx Radio FM - Kik FM
Mercia FM
Mercury FM, 102.7 (Crawley)
Mercury 96.6 (Watford)
Metro Radio
Minster FM
Mix 96
Moray Firth Radio
Neptune Radio
Northants 96
Northsound One
Orchard FM
Peak 107 FM
Pembrokeshire, Radio
Pirate FM 102
Plymouth Sound FM
Power FM, 103.2
Pulse, The
Q103 FM
Quay West Radio
RAM FM, 102.8
Red Dragon FM
Rock FM, 97.4
Severn Sound FM
SGR Colchester
Signal One
Silk FM, 106.9
South Hams Radio
Southern FM
Sovereign Radio, 107.5
Spire FM
Spirit FM
Star FM, 106.6 (Slough)
Star 107.7 (Weston Super Mare)
Stray FM, 97.2
Swan FM, 107
TFM, 96.6
Tay FM
Ten-17 FM
TLR 107.2 FM
Trent FM, 96
Vale FM, 97.4
Valleys Radio
Viking FM, 96.9
Wave, 96.4FM The
Wessex FM
West FM
West Sound FM
Win FM, 107.2
Wyvern FM

(105 Stations)

For clarity, the maps below do not show radio station transmitters in Jersey (Channel 103 FM) and Guernsey & Alderney (Island FM).

The first map represents locations of transmitters of stations participating in the Pepsi Chart, and include all FM and AM transmitters. Crosses in blue show transmitters of radio stations that DO NOT carry the chart, but are in "white spaces".

The second map represents the transmitters and their combined radiating strengths. The small green ones radiate with a power of less than 0.5kW. The medium orange ones radiate with a power of between 0.5 and up to, but not including 2kW. The big red ones are anything greater than or equal to 2kW. The diameters of the circles are NOT TO SCALE, but are just a rough guide to show the differences.
15th January 2005 update: Location for Black Mountain transmitter (Cool FM) corrected on transmitter location map. TX Power map has NOT been updated, and remains erroneous.

Detailed Station List (Excel Spreadsheet)

Technical data taken from the Radio Authority's Technical Parameters.
RDS data taken from Mark Hattam.

Wikipedia entry for the Pepsi Chart.

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