The UK Commercial Radio Chart Show Wars
hit40uk v Smash! Hits Chart

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7th January, 2005 (Audience figures page uploaded)
8th January, 2005 (Real Radio Wales adds a transmitter for Carmarthen Town - Smash Hits map updated. According to Mid 106 website, it's now taking The Smash Hits Chart - yet to confirm.)
15th January, 2005 (Mid FM confirmed to be taking SH Chart - added to map. Location for Black Mountain transmitter corrected on all maps on this page - Cool FM and Citybeat affected)
7th March, 2005 (Cambridge & Ely's 107 Star FM has been taking Hit 40 UK since 13th February - map not yet updated)
27th March, 2005 (FIRE 107.6 starts taking Hit 40 UK - map not yet updated)
19th June, 2005 (107.4 BCRfm noticed to have switched from Smash Hits Chart to Hit 40 UK. Hit 40 UK and Smash Hits Chart maps updated)
22nd June, 2005 (It has been revealed that EMAP's Big City networks are to take Hit 40 UK from this summer. What is to happen with non-EMAP stations currently taking Smash Hits! Chart?)
8th July, 2005 (Holiday FM extends coverage to Greek Islands)
13th July, 2005 (Unconfirmed reports of three more transmitters for Real Radio Wales for areas in the Heads of the Valleys)
13th August, 2005 (Confirmed transmitters for Aberdare, Abergavenny and Ebbw Vale for Real Radio Wales - now added to Smash Hits map)
31st August, 2005 (New transmitter at Beary Park added for Energy FM - Smash Hits Chart map not yet updated.)
2nd September, 2005 (Smash Hits Chart now updated with new transmitter for Energy FM)
15th September, 2005 (hit40uk reaches 130 participating stations as a dedicated station from Galaxy is launched across the digital networks - Sky/Cable/DAB)
2nd October, 2005 (Ashford's new radio station kmfm launches tomorrow, and will be taking Hit 40 UK - not yet added to map)
17th October, 2005 (Bright 106.4 no longer taking Smash Hits Chart, unsure of date at which show was dropped  - map not yet updated, TIME 107.3 merged with TIME 106.8 - reduced to a single entry in list)
2nd November, 2005 (Cuillin FM reported to be taking Hit 40 UK from 13th November. UPDATE: Now commencing a week later on 20th November.)
27th November, 2005 (TIME 106.8 no longer taking Smash Hits Chart - map not yet updated)
3rd December, 2005 (New station Durham FM which launches on Monday will be taking Hit 40 UK. Hit 40 UK and Smash Hits Chart transmitter maps all updated.)
7th December, 2005 (Durham FM update: station NOT expected to take Hit40UK from launch. Maps updated.)
11th February, 2006 (Radio Aire 96.3 gets a new transmitter location and a power increase - SH map not yet updated)
25th February, 2006 (The Mix ceases broadcasting on all platforms. A-List Chart begins next Sunday. A new page will be created to cover all 3 chart shows. New station for Banbury 107.6 Touch FM is reported to be taking the Smash Hits Chart for one Sunday before switching to A-List. Smash Hits Chart map and list updated)
26th February, 2006 (Energy FM no longer taking SH Chart - SH Chart map updated)
27th February, 2006a (The Edge (Clan FM) stopped taking SH Chart since last year with the launch of L107. The Revolution reported to have stopped taking hit40uk since a few weeks ago. Correction: Touch FM Banbury did NOT take SH! chart yesterday - both maps updated)
27th February, 2006b (The Bay will be retaking hit40uk from this Sunday, and will be reflected in new maps on the new hit40uk v A List v SH! page to come soon!)
4th March, 2006 (Non-Stop Play ceased last summer. Removed from list)
6th March, 2006 (It has been reported that Hit Music Radio stopped airing the Smash Hits Chart a while ago, despite what is claimed on their website. Removed from SH list)
19th March, 2006 (Sunshine 855 have failed to take the Smash Hits! Chart for at least the last 3 weeks, seemingly due to technical problems. It has been discovered that Kick FM had been missing from the Smash Hits maps.. this is due to be amended.)
20th March, 2006 (SH maps updated to include transmitters for Kick FM)


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DJ Fox quits as chart announcer - BBC News article, published: Monday, 8 December 2003
Ex-Blue Peter host for chart show - BBC News article, published: Friday, 14 May 2004
Katy Hill to replace Foxy on Hit 40 UK after 11 years - Brand Republic article, published: Friday, 14 May 2004
Now Channel 4 targets Top of the Pops - article, published: Wednesday, 11 August 2004
Radio 1 chart show host to leave - BBC News article, published: Tuesday, 16 November 2004
Revamp for Radio 1 chart show - article, published: Monday, 29 November 2004
Kiss Controller to produce hit40uk - article, published: Sunday, 1st March 2005
Hit40UK to Extend Its Reach, New Shows Too - article, published: Tuesday, 21st June 2005
UBC Media Group announces contract wins - Financial Express Company Announcements article, published: Friday 29th July 2005
Commercial radio hands out chart show contracts - article, published: Tuesday, 2nd August 2005
New Charts to Complement hit40uk - article, published: Wednesday 31st August 2005

Hit 40 UK/Pepsi Chart

Analogue Terrestrial Transmitter Maps: Last updated - 31st December 2004
NB: Island FM and Channel 103 in the Channel Islands both took Pepsi Chart, and currently take Hit 40 UK.

Pepsi Chart (before 1st January 2003): Hit 40 UK (currently):


Hover over below map to compare Pepsi Chart (default state) vs Hit 40 UK station differences.


Hit 40 UK Radio Station list: (130 stations)

Alpha 103.2
Arrow FM, 107.8
BCRfm, 107.4
Beacon Radio, 103.1 (Shropshire)
Beacon Radio, 97.2 (Black Country)
Beach, The
Borders, Radio
Bridge FM, 106.3
BRMB, 96.4
Broadland, Radio
Buzz 97.1
Capital FM, 95.8
Carmarthenshire, 97.1 Radio
Ceredigion, Radio
Champion FM 103
Channel 103 FM
Chiltern FM, 96.9 (Bedford)
Chiltern FM, 97.6 (Dunstable)
Clyde 1, 102.5
Coast 96.3
Cool FM, 97.4
Cuillin FM (via Galaxy)
Dearne FM
Downtown Radio - DTR
Dune FM
Eagle, 96.4 The
Essex FM
Fen Radio
FIRE 107.6
Forth One, 97.3
Fosseway Radio
Galaxy (Digital) (Not shown on map)
Galaxy (Manchester)
Galaxy 105
Galaxy 105-106
Gemini FM (Exeter & East Devon)
Gemini FM (Torbay)
GWR FM (Bath)
GWR FM (Bristol)
GWR FM (Wiltshire)
Hereward FM, 102.7
High Peak Radio
Holiday FM (except Holiday FM Ibiza) (Not shown on map)
Home 107.9
Horizon Radio
Imagine FM
Invicta FM
Island FM
Isle of Wight Radio
Ivel FM
Juice FM, 107.6
KL.FM, 96.7
kmfm (Ashford)
kmfm (Canterbury)
kmfm (Dover & Folkestone)
kmfm (Rochester)
kmfm (Thanet)
kmfm (Tonbridge)
Lantern FM
Leicester Sound, 105.4 FM
Lincs FM
M FM 103.4
Manx Radio (Both FM & AM and DAB)
Mercia FM
Mercury FM, 102.7 (Crawley)
Mercury 96 6 (Watford)
104.7 Minster FM
Mix 96
Mix 107
Moray Firth Radio - MFR (Both FM & AM and DAB)
Nevis Radio (via MFR)
Northants 96
Northsound One
Orchard FM
Peak FM
Pembrokeshire, 102.5 Radio
Pirate FM 102
Plymouth Sound, 97FM
Power FM, 103.2
Pulse of West Yorkshire, The
Quay, 107.4 The
Quay West Radio
RAM FM, 102.8
Red Dragon FM
Ridings FM
Rutland Radio
Scarlet FM, 97.5
Severn Sound FM
SGR Colchester
Signal One
Silk FM, 106.9
South Hams Radio
Southern FM
Sovereign Radio
102 Spire FM
Spirit FM
Star 107 (Stroud)
Star 107.7 (Weston-Super-Mare)
Star FM, 107 (Cambridge & Ely)
Stray FM, 97.2
Sun FM, 103.4
Tay FM
Tower FM, 107.4
Trax FM (Bassetlaw)
Trax FM (Doncaster)
Trent FM, 96
Two Lochs Radio (via Capital Radio)
Vale FM, 97.4
Valleys Radio
Wave 96.5, Radio (Blackpool)
Wave, 96.4FM The (Swansea)
Wessex FM
West FM, 96.7 (Ayr)
West Sound FM (Dumfries)
Win FM, 107.2
107.2 Wire FM
102.4 Wish FM
Wolf, 107.7 The
Wyvern FM
Yorkshire Coast Radio (Bridlington)
Yorkshire Coast Radio (Scarborough)

Full Station list in Excel format. (DAB, satellite and cable service "The Mix" and Holiday FM not included in list). [Updated - 31st December 2004]

Note: Additionally, 106.7 The Rocket, Central FM, 107.9 Bath FM and kmfm (Digital) take Hit 40 UK weekday updates as part of their evening networked programming.

Stations in "white spaces" not currently taking Hit 40 UK, shown as blue crosses:

List of stations from North to South:

SIBC (2 transmitters)
Isles fm
Lochbroom FM (2 transmitters)
NECR (7 transmitters)
Heartland FM
Oban FM
Central FM
Argyll FM (3 transmitters)
Fresh Radio (6 transmitters)
The Bay* (3 transmitters)
Magic 756
Sunshine 855*
The Bear 102*
Delta Radio* (4 transmitters)

Stations marked with asterisks currently take The Smash Hits Chart.

Hit 40 UK around the world (locally produced):

5FM (South Africa)
Radiowave 96.7fm (Namibia)


Smash Hits Chart

Analogue Terrestrial Transmitter Maps: Last updated - 27th February 2006
NB: The map does not take into consideration the Smash Hits and The Hits digital radio channels, internet-only stations, nor Garrison Radio transmitters.

Hover over below map to compare station differences after December 2004 (default state) and before October 2004.


Smash Hits Chart Radio Station list: (42 stations)

Aire 96.3, Radio
Bay, 96.9 The
Centre FM
City 96.7, Radio
Citybeat 96.7
Connect FM
Dee 106.3
Delta FM
Garrison Radio (Aldershot) (transmitters not shown on map)
Garrison Radio (Bulford/Tidworth) (transmitters not shown on map)
Garrison Radio (Catterick) (transmitters not shown on map)
Garrison Radio (Colchester) (transmitters not shown on map)
Garrison Radio (Edinburgh) (transmitters not shown on map)
Hallam FM
Hits, The (Not shown on map)
Kestrel FM
Key 103
Kick FM
Kingdom FM
Kiss 100*
Lite FM
Metro Radio
Mid FM
OAK 107
Passion 107.9
Real Radio Wales*
Real Radio Scotland*
Real Radio Yorkshire*
River FM
Rock FM, 97.4
Rugby FM, 107.1
Saint, The
Smash Hits Digital Radio (Not shown on map)
Star 106.6 (Slough)
Sunshine 855
T FM, 96.6
TIME FM, 107.5
Touch FM, 96.2
Touch FM, 102
Viking FM, 96.9

Stations marked with an asterisk carry tailored versions of the chart show.

Hit 40 UK v Smash Hits Chart

Hit 40 UK (currently): Smash Hits Chart (currently):


Hover over below map to compare Hit 40 UK (default state) vs Smash Hits Chart station differences.

Audience figures:

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The Official UK Charts Company
Nielsen Music Control

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