hit40uk v The A List v Fresh40

Recent changes:
16/10/06: Noticeable expected changes to lineups include:
hit40uk: Addition of Hallam FM, Radio Aire, Viking FM, TFM, Metro Radio, Rock FM, Radio City, Key 103, 3FM and Rother FM. The Hits, Kingdom FM and River FM TBC. TRIVIA: hit40uk makes a debut on Freeview as a result of carriage by The Hits.
The A List: TIME 106.6 and Sunshine 855 TBC.
Fresh40: Addition of FM107.9, Galaxy Birmingham, Galaxy Digital, Galaxy Manchester, Galaxy North East, Galaxy Yorkshire, Kiss 100, Kiss 101 and Kiss 105-108. 107.6 Juice FM, Juice Brighton and FIRE 107.6 TBC.
17/10/06: The Hits, Kingdom FM and River FM confirmed to be taking hit40uk. TRIVIA: This will be the first time Kingdom FM has taken the Pepsi Chart/hit40uk since its launch in October 1998.
20/10/06: 107.6 Juice FM and FIRE 107.6 confirmed to be taking Fresh40. Juice Brighton will not be. Ipswich's new station Town 102 not yet confirmed to be taking The A List.
21/10/06: TIME 106.6 will NOT be commencing the airing of The A List from this Sunday, and will be going local instead.
22/10/06: Town 102 will be staying local and will not be taking The A List. 3FM did NOT take hit40uk to air this week and remained local - next week's output will be monitored. Sunshine 855 taking hit40uk from today onwards. Tower FM may not have taken hit40uk today due to local football.
26/10/06: BCRfm already taking hit40uk once again since September 17th - lists and maps updated. Quay West Radio to re-take hit40uk within two weeks' time.
30/10/06: All 4 Touch FMs and Oak FM switched from hit40uk to The A List since the 22nd October - maps to be updated.
31/10/06: It turns out that Sunshine 855 didn't take hit40uk on the 22nd, but took Fresh40 instead. Last Sunday they went local, and the weeks following on remain to be seen - keep it here! List updated, but map yet to be updated.
02/11/06: hit40uk and The A List maps updated. The departure of Touch FM in Stratford has left a big gap in the Midlands for hit40uk coverage.
05/11/06: Smash! Hits Radio has also been taking hit40uk, probably since 22/10. Station added to list. The station was noted to be playing additional audio over the first part of the show today, presumably with automated output that had not been faded down.
27/11/06: The Rocket possibly no longer taking The A List after TLRC's disposal of the station. TBC.
05/12/06: There are indications that Town and Country may be planning a local chart show across their Welsh radio stations, according to their Radio Monmouthshire/Herefordshire FM licence application to Ofcom, potentially meaning the loss of hit40uk coverage to Pembrokeshire and Carmarthenshire. To quote: "On Sundays, we will play the Welsh Chart Show on Sundays between 4 and 7 but only on Radio Monmouthshire. This will be broadcast on all Town and Country stations in Wales. Radio Herefordshire will take the national Hit 40 UK in this time slot."
11/12/06: KCR 106.7 confirmed to have dropped The A List. Map to be updated.
14/12/06: Century no longer broadcasting on Sky Digital and Cable, but continues on DAB in London and Birmingham.
17/12/06: Heart (various versions) now also available on Freeview.
31/01/07: River FM has ceased broadcasting. The Beach now also broadcasting on low power on 97.4 to parts of Great Yarmouth. hit40uk map to be updated. Quaywest FM expected to be taking hit40uk once again within 2 weeks' time.
26/03/07: All kmfm stations (excluding CTRfm) have stopped taking The A List since 18th March - map to be updated.
11/04/07: Century Digital ceased broadcasting a couple of weeks ago.
20/05/07: hertbeat FM no longer taking The A List - map to be updated. UKRD stations no longer taking The A List? (TBC). Spire FM, Wessex FM, Vale FM, Spirit FM and 3TR FM now switched from hit40uk to The A List, creating holes in the coverage area of hit40uk - maps to be updated.
21/05/07: Q102, Q97.2 and Six FM no longer taking The A List? (TBC)
27/05/07: Bristol's Original 106.5 starts taking The A List - map to be updated.
15/06/07: Northallerton's Minster FM has launched, and will commence taking hit40uk from this Sunday - map to be updated.
25/06/07: Cuillin FM's new high-power transmitter is now testing and will be serving much of the remote island of Skye with hit40uk from July.
22/07/07: Q103 commissions a new low-power filler for Haverhill - hit40uk map to be updated.
08/08/07: Tay FM adds a new Dundee relay - hit40uk map to be updated.
Peak FM and The Wolf have switched from hit40uk to The A List. Southampton's Radio Hampshire starts taking The A List - maps to be updated.
30/08/07: Mansfield 103.2 now taking The A List - map to be updated.
03/09/07: GWR FM has added a new relay for Weston-super-Mare on 103.0 - hit40uk map to be updated.
06/10/07: 107.2 Win FM has become Dream 107.2 and has switched from hit40uk to The A List - map to be updated.
15/10/07: Confirmation that STAR Bristol, STAR Cheltenham and STAR Cambridge/Ely no longer taking The A List - map to be updated. Still awaiting confirmation of Six fm, Q102 and Q97.2.
21/10/07: Six fm, Q102 and Q97.2 confirmed to be no longer taking The A List - map to be updated.
05/11/07: Fen Radio reported to have ceased taking The A List since May - TBC. Real Radio FM in Scotland adds a new transmitter for Penicuik - The A List map to be updated.
25/11/07: Fen Radio confirmed to have ceased taking The A List. Map to be updated. Real Radio Digital temporarily ceases taking during their 24/7 Christmas Tunes period.
11/12/07: L107 taking hit40uk, start date: 28th March 2007. 107 The Bee taking hit40uk, start date: 11th November 2007. Isle of Man's 3FM to stop taking show from 24th February 2008. Original 106.5 stopped taking The A List since 25th November 2007. Maps to be updated. The last A List show to be aired on 23rd December 2007. Final maps to be prepared.
13/12/07: All chart maps now updated.
20/12/07: Energy FM adds a transmitter to the south of the island on 105.2. The A List map needs to be updated once more. Real Radio Digital removed from final A List list of stations, due to non-stop Christmas tunes programming ending AFTER the last A List show.
31/12/07: The A List map updated for the final time to include Energy FM transmitter. (It was noted that Signal 2 did not take The A List on the final Sunday and instead went local, so it is unsure if the other three UTV stations The Wolf, Wave 102 and Peak 107 also dropped the chart in favour of hit40uk. The UTV stations shall remain in the 'final' list). It turns out that Real Radio's Penicuik transmitter hasn't yet been commissioned - reflected in map.

Radio Stations participating in hit40uk:
117 stations.

Aire, 96.3 Radio
Alpha FM, 103.2
Bay, The
BCRfm, 107.4
Beacon Radio, 103.1 (Shropshire)
Beacon Radio, 97.2 (Black Country)
Beach, The
Bee, 107 The
Borders, Radio
Bridge FM, 106.3
BRMB, 96.4
Broadland, Radio
Buzz 97.1
Capital 95.8
Carmarthenshire, 97.1 Radio
Central FM, 103.1
Ceredigion, Radio
Champion 103
Channel 103 FM (Not shown on map)
Chiltern FM, 96.9 (Bedford)
Chiltern FM, 97.6 (Dunstable)
City 96.7, Radio
Clyde 1, 102.5
Coast 96.3
Cool FM, 97.4
Cuillin FM (via Capital 95.8)
Dearne FM
Downtown Radio - DTR
Dune FM, 107.9
Eagle, 96.4 The
Essex FM
Forth One, 97.3
Fosseway Radio
Gemini FM (Exeter & East Devon)
Gemini FM (Torbay)
GWR FM (Bath)
GWR FM (Bristol)
GWR FM (Wiltshire)
Hallam FM
Hereward FM, 102.7
High Peak Radio
Hits, The (Not shown on map)
Holiday FM (except Holiday FM Ibiza) (Not shown on map)
Home FM, 107.9
Horizon Radio
Imagine FM
Invicta FM
Island FM (Not shown on map)
Key 103
Kingdom FM
KL.FM, 96.7

Lantern FM
Leicester Sound
Lincs FM
Marcher Sound
Mercia FM
Mercury FM, 102.7 (Crawley)
Mercury 96 6 (Watford)
Metro Radio
Minster FM, 104.7
Minster Northallerton FM
Mix 107
Moray Firth Radio
Nevis Radio (via MFR)
Northants 96
Northsound One
Orchard FM
Pembrokeshire, 102.5 Radio
Pirate FM
Plymouth Sound, 97FM
Power FM, 103.2
Pulse of West Yorkshire, The
Quay, 107.4 The (Portsmouth)
RAM FM, 102.8
Red Dragon FM
Ridings FM
rockfm, 97.4
Rother FM
Rutland Radio
Scarlet FM, 97.5
Severn Sound (Gloucester & Cheltenham)
SGR Colchester
Signal One
Silk FM, 106.9
Smash! Hits Radio (Not shown on map)
South Hams Radio
Southern FM
STAR Radio (Weston-Super-Mare)
Stray FM, 97.2
Sun FM, 103.4
Tay FM
TFM, 96.6
Tower FM, 107.4
Trax FM (Bassetlaw)
Trax FM (Doncaster)
Trent FM, 96
Two Lochs Radio (via Capital 95.8)
Valleys Radio (AM)
vikingfm, 96.9
Wave 96.5, Radio (Blackpool)
Wave, 96.4FM The (Swansea)
West FM, 96.7 (Ayr)
West Sound FM (Dumfries)
Wire FM, 107.2
Wish FM, 102.4
Wyvern FM

Note: Channel 103 FM and Island FM not shown on map.

hit40uk is available on the following Digital TV platforms:
Freeview via The Hits, Smash! Hits Radio and Clyde 1
Sky Digital via Capital Radio, The Hits and Smash! Hits Radio
Digital Cable via Capital Radio, The Hits, Smash! Hits Radio and other local radio stations

Hit 40 UK around the world (locally presented):

5FM (South Africa)
Radiowave 96.7fm (Namibia)
U-Pop (Satellite, Various Countries)

Radio Stations participating in The A List:
56 stations.

Arrow FM, 107.8
Bath FM, 107.9
Brunel FM, 107.7
Century FM, 100-102 (North East England)
Century FM, 105.4 (North West England)
City Beat 96.7FM
Compass FM
Connect FM
Dream 100 (Colchester)
Dream 107.2 (Winchester)
Dream 107.7 (Chelmsford)
Durham FM
Energy FM
Heart (East Midlands)
Heart (London)
Heart (West Midlands)
Heart Digital (Not shown on map)
Isle of Wight Radio
Ivel FM
Kestrel FM, 107.6
Kick FM
Lakeland Radio
Lite 106.8
Mansfield 103.2
Mix 96
North Norfolk Radio
Norwich, 99.9 Radio

OAK 107
Ocean FM
Peak FM
Radio Hampshire
Reading 107
Real Radio, 100~101fm (Scotland)
Real Radio, 105~106fm (Wales)
Real Radio, 106~108fm (Yorkshire)
Rugby FM, 107.1
Severn, 106.5 The (Shrewsbury)
Severn, 107.1 The (Oswestry)
Signal 2 (AM)
Sovereign Radio, 107.5
Spire FM, 102
Spirit FM
Telford FM, 107.4
Touch FM, 96.2 (Coventry)
Touch FM, 102 (Stratford-upon-Avon)
Touch FM, 107.6 (Banbury)
Touch FM (South East Staffordshire)
Vale FM, 97.4
Wave 102
Wessex FM
Wolf, 107.7 The
Wyre, 107.2 The
Yorkshire Coast Radio (Bridlington)
Yorkshire Coast Radio (Scarborough & Whitby)

The A List is available on the following Digital TV platforms:
Freeview via Heart
Sky Digital via Heart and Real Radio
Digital Cable via Heart and other local radio stations

Radio Stations participating in Fresh40:
11 stations.

FIRE 107.6
FM 107.9
Galaxy (Birmingham)
Galaxy (Digital) (Not shown on map)
Galaxy (Manchester)
Galaxy (North East)
Galaxy (Yorkshire)
107.6 Juice FM
Kiss 100
Kiss 101
Kiss 105-108

Fresh40 is available on the following Digital TV platforms:
Freeview via Kiss
Sky Digital via Kiss and Galaxy
Digital Cable via Kiss, Galaxy and other local radio stations

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