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Irish Community Radio

Irish radio stations beginning with characters between H and Q:

Harmony: mp3: 128s | aacPlus: 32s | 64s
[Internet only - sponsored listing]

Highland Radio: mp3: 128m
[North County Donegal]

iRadio (North East): mp3: 64s | aacPlus: 64s
[North East Ireland]

iRadio (North West): mp3: 96s | aacPlus: 64s
[North West Ireland]

KCLR 96FM (Carlow): mp3: 64s
[County Carlow]

KCLR 96FM (Kilkenny): mp3: 64s
[County Kilkenny]

Kfm: mp3: 128s
[County Kildare]

Live 95FM: mp3: 128s | aacPlus: 48s
[Limerick City & County]

LM FM: mp3: 64s | 128s | aacPlus: 48s
[Counties Louth & Meath]

Midlands 103: mp3: 192s
[Counties Laois, Offaly & Westmeath]

Midwest Radio: mp3: 128s | aacPlus: 64s | 128s
[County Mayo]

Newstalk 106-108: mp3: 96m | 128s

Northern Sound: mp3: 128s | aacPlus: 64s
[Counties Cavan & Monaghan]

Ocean FM (Donegal): mp3: 48s | 160s
[South Donegal]

Ocean FM (Sligo & North Leitrim): mp3: 48s | 160s
[Sligo & North Leitrim]

Q102: mp3: 128s | aacPlus: 64s
[Dublin City & County]

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