UK Radio Stations broadcasting on the Internet

Search engine plugin for Mozilla Firefox 2+ and Internet Explorer 7+

What is this "search engine plugin"?

The RadioFeeds search engine plugin allows users of Firefox and Internet Explorer browsers to access streams directly without the need to load up the large pages of station listings associated with the main RadioFeeds website.

How does it work?

Locate the search bar that comes with the internet browsers mentioned: you can usually find this in the toolbar area located towards the top of your browser window. When you select RadioFeeds Search! from the drop-down menu, type in the name of a station you'd like to listen to into the text box.

Our example here shows the term "jackie" being entered. You can enter the full name of the station if you like, but to save time, and to increase the chances of a match, a partial name will do the job quite nicely. Hitting the return key will load up a page showing any feeds that match the station name of your chosen keyword:

You can then click on the desired feed to listen straight away.
Please note the search facility currently only finds UK radio stations.

Why do I need it?

You don't need it, but it's fast, powerful and convenient those of you who use RadioFeeds a lot, especially if you usually just want to use the site to locate one or two individual station streams quickly.

How can I install this brilliant gizmo to show in my search bar?

Firefox users..

1a. When you load up RadioFeeds, click on the icon beside the search box at the top right hand corner of the Firefox window. (This icon is illuminated in Firefox 3+). "Add RadioFeeds Search!" will show in the list. Click on this to add it to your list of search engines.

1b. A new RadioFeeds icon will now show on your search box as shown below.

2. Start typing into the box the name of your desired radio station. Suggestions will also be displayed in the results.

3. Click on your desired station in the list and you will immediately be taken to the short RadioFeeds page containing the listen live link to the radio station. (You can hover over each item to view the full name, should truncation of the names occur).

Internet Explorer users..

1. When you load up RadioFeeds, the arrow beside the search engine box on the top right corner of the Internet Explorer window will be illuminated in orange.

2. Click on the arrow to bring down the drop down list and hover over "Add Search Providers", then select "RadioFeeds Search" in the expanded box.

3. Click on "Add Provider" in the following prompt box.

4. Then click on the arrow again and select the new "RadioFeeds Search!" menu item.

5. You can now type in the full or partial name of your desired radio station. (Suggested results should be returned in IE8, but this has not been confirmed nor tested). Hitting return will bring up the short RadioFeeds page containing the listen live link to the radio station.


Don't forget to let us know what you think of the plugin!