UK and Irish Radio Stations broadcasting on the Internet

Live Feeds for Reciva Radios

Do you own a Reciva wi-fi radio? Have you ever been frustrated with the in-built lists and how they're littered with endless "bedroom" radio stations, dodgy RSLs that are no longer in action, and duplicate station entries? Well here's the answer: RadioFeeds UK & Ireland have produced a set of live feeds for your Reciva radio. Since the data is pulled live and directly from RadioFeeds, you are sure to have an up-to-date list of stations each time you decide to browse for your favourite UK/Irish radio stations. So register today and discover why over 600 Reciva radio owners have signed up for this service!

This service is free of charge to all RadioFeeds visitors, but a simple registration will be required. Once you have registered, you will receive a set of unique addresses which you can enter into your personal Reciva account at Once these have been stored, you can start enjoying the radio directory straight from your radio, without the need to even switch your computer on. Additionally, you can store any station you find on the RadioFeeds list into your existing presets.

"I work for [REMOVED] so know how frustrating it is to go to listen to our output and find that itís messed up!", Ross
"These radios seem to be becoming quite popular and your addition make them even better", Gary
"Great idea, had hoped for a while there was a better option than Reciva", Colin
"There's too much tat on Reciva's site", Joel
"Very impressed, makes navigation 1000 times easier", Paul

To register, please click below and select "Reciva Registration" from the drop down list. You must include your full name and the model of your radio in the comments box for a successful registration.


These feeds have been tested on the Logik IR100, Morphy Richards 27025, Acoustic Energy Wi-Fi Radio, MagicBox IMP, Roberts WM201, Sangean WFR-20, Intempo GX-01, certain BT Internet Radios, Tangent Quattro, Revo Pico WiFi Radio, Tevion Internet Radio, Ministry Of Sound MOSAC150, Reciva Stratus and Bush TR2015. Certain BT Internet Radios are currently known to be incompatible.
Station streams using HTTP Live Streaming (HLS) or RTMP Flash (FLV) streaming are not included in the feeds due to the lack of support on the radios. Additionally, not all AAC/AAC+ streams will play and/or in the highest quality possible on playback.