UK and Irish Radio Stations broadcasting on the Internet

RadioFeeds UK & Ireland for Freecom MusicPal Media Players

Do you own a Freecom MusicPal? You can now get the RadioFeeds UK & Ireland directory delivered live to your unit. This service is free of charge to all RadioFeeds visitors, but a simple registration is required. Once you have registered, you will receive instructions on how to start enjoying the stations that you're used to finding on our website, with the benefit that the stream addresses will be constantly updated by RadioFeeds, increasing the likelihood that you'll get a successful connection to your favourite station.. first time!

To register, please click below and select "MusicPal Registration" from the drop down list. You must also include your full name in the comments box for a successful registration.


Note: the installation procedure requires users to upgrade their units to the latest firmware (v1.67) to enable functionality.

AAC+ streams are incompatible with the hardware and as a result, are not listed in the directory.