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Website Last Updated: 15:24 GMT 19/11/17

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(19/11/17) Mansfield 103.2 available again, (Thanks, David!)
(11/11/17) Mansfield 103.2 currently unavailable, (Thanks, Nikki!)
(09/11/17) Pulse Christmas, Signal Christmas, The Wave Christmas and The Scottish Sun Christmas Radio returns for this year tomorrow at midday. Heart extra temporarily rebranded to Heart extra Xmas.
(04/11/17) New 224k AAC stream added for Leicester Community Radio and has now been included in our high-quality section! Total Star has launched on DAB in Gloucestershire and has now been added to our mp3 section!
(01/11/17): Cando FM now also streaming in 192k and has been added to our high-quality section! An Radio now streaming again. 90.1 Hope FM now fixed, (Thanks, Marco!). Test streams added for Magic Christmas which launches in days on national DAB!
(31/10/17): GFM (Glastonbury) now available again and streaming in stereo. All streams for 90.1 Hope FM unavailable.
(30/10/17): Trafford Sound launches tomorrow on small-scale DAB in Manchester and has now been added to the mp3 section! COMMUNITY RADIO: The Isle of Wight's Vectis Radio launches this Saturday and has been added to RadioFeeds!
(25/10/17): Stream address updated for Your Radio, (Thanks, Marco!)
(24/10/17): Stream addresses updated for Redroad and 107.3 Stafford FM. Smile Sussex now playing again. (Thanks for those, Marco!)
(23/10/17): Stream addresses updated for Radio BGWS and Radio Plus 101.5, (Thanks, Marco!)
(22/10/17): A warm welcome to Leicester Community Radio as they become the latest station to join our sponsored listings scheme! The station streams in mp3 and AAC+ formats.
(21/10/17): Audio now fixed for Phonic FM's AAC+ stream. Webstream broken for Point FM and is possibly off the air entirely. Stream addresses for Akash Radio Leeds and Radio Cardiff now updated. (Thanks for all those, Marco!)
(17/10/17): Asian FX now available again. Stream addresses updated for LRB Digital and Lincoln City Radio, (Thanks, Marco!)
(16/10/17): Webstream addresses updated for Endeavour FM and Gravity FM. GFM (Glastonbury) unavailable. (Thanks for all those, Marco!). My Music Radio in Surrey has rebranded to Eagle 70s and My Music Radio in Cornwall and Plymouth has rebranded to Pirate 70s.
(15/10/17): Smile Sussex has gone silent, (Thanks, Geoff!)
(14/10/17): Stream address for Marlow FM 97.5 updated, (Thanks, Graham!)
(13/10/17): Radio North Angus has gone silent, (Thanks, Mike!). (UPDATE: now fixed). Stream addresses for Bay FM (Exmouth) and Bradford Asian Radio updated and are now working again. Akash Radio Leeds, An Radio and Asian FX currently unavailable, (Thanks for those, Marco!)
(10/10/17): Stream address for Mansfield 103.2 updated and is now streaming at 128k stereo!
(09/10/17): Mansfield 103.2 down once again, (Thanks, Jackie!).
(08/10/17): Your Radio currently unavailable.
(07/10/17): Northampton's 106.9 NNBC has now rebranded to NLive, (Thanks, Michael!). New station Classic Hits is testing on the Norwich minimux and has been added to RadioFeeds in preparation for their launch!
(06/10/17): ABC has now switched to mp3 streaming and is now also working again, (Thanks, Marco!)
(02/10/17): Mansfield 103.2 available again.

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