RadioFeeds station addition tool for Frontier Silicon-powered Wi-Fi radios

Step 1: Please login to your Frontier Silicon Radio Portal account if the page on the right requires your credentials to be entered. If you see already your list of added stations then you can skip this step.

Step 2: Verify the station printed below is the stream you would like to add. Then click on the "Add This Station!" button.

GFM (Glastonbury) [64s mp3]

Step 3: Click on My Added Stations and check the station has been added to your list of stations on the right.

Step 4: The station has now been saved to your radio's account. Load up My Added Stations on your Frontier Silicon internet radio and find the new station added to the end of the list.

NOTE: Remember to delete this stream from your radio and re-add it if it becomes out of date and stops working.

You can now go back to station search to add more station streams to your radio.

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