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Last update: July 2021

(Addition of a magazine cover confirming poster giveaway. Addition of Fiendish Feet promotional mask. Addition of Slurpy Bertie as a Monster Mousse. Addition of mug & packaging photos).


Fiendish Feet??
Fiendish Feet were these yoghurts and desserts made by St Ivel, and were produced in the early 90s at a guess. Kids like me loved them, since these yoghurts came in a novelty pot. These pots had printed faces, and most importantly, they had.. FEET!
I've been told most of the Fiendish Feet characters come in multipacks. I've listed as many as I can in the tables below, and any gaps you can fill in, I'd love to know! Get in touch using the feedback form at

Description of desserts
Low Fat Yoghurts - yoghurts that were are low in fat, I guess.
Dairy Desserts - I honestly can't remember what the difference between the yoghurts and the desserts were. Perhaps someone can remind me?
Tremblers - These were blancmange style desserts, with their own sauces at the top. I think you were meant to upturn them onto a saucer before serving, but I never did that.. or am I thinking of a completely different dessert?
Monster Mousse - A mousse, but I never found any monsters in the ones I consumed!

Wanted for the website:
- As well as any further info you can provide for other Fiendish Feet pots, I also remember there was a full page advert inside one of the kiddies' magazines at that time, possibly The Beano, Quizkids or Disney Weekly (yes, I read those when I was a kid), that featured all the characters. If anyone can find this advert, please get in touch, as I'd love to include it on this page. (Update: I've been sent a full-colour advert for the fiendish feet. Was this the only one around, or am I correct in suggesting there was another one that's different? Update again: I've received a second comic strip-style advert.. so are there just the two or are there more..?)

- Was there a TV ad around the time of the mag ad, that showed the same story? The mag advert was from Summer/Autumn 1991, so perhaps the TV ad, if it exists, was shown around then. Does anyone have it on video tape? UPDATE (08/07): A 10 sec TV advert from YouTube has now been added to the site - not known if this was the only advert ever made. UPDATE (11/14): We've so far been able to track down 3 adverts. Good stuff, but were there any more?

- It's been suggested there may have been another limited edition yoghurt, in the shape of a bunny. Anyone? (Solved)

- Can someone provide me with a photo of Hot Cross Bunny?

- What is the name of the raspberry munch-bunch sized character in my tables?

- What WERE the fiendish "munch bunches"? Were they yoghurts, fromage frais, or something else, even? (Solved)

- Has anyone got a Sneaky Beaky fromage frais pot?

- Can anyone remember the flavour? (Solved)

- What was this story book about the Fiendish Feet going off to the fair? Has anyone got a copy? What was the general gist of the story and what activities were there in the book?

- How would you describe the dairy desserts? How were they different to the yoghurts?

- Anyone know any more about the fridge magnets?
- Anyone know any more about the badge(s)?

- Does anyone have a set of stickers from the Fiendish Feet Halloween Prize Pack or the Buster comic book? What did the set(s) consist of? How many sets were there?

- Does anyone have a photo of this fluorescent yellow Fiendish Feet-branded duffle bag that was part of a prize pack?

- Does anyone have any Fiendish Faces? (No jokes, please!!)
- Was there another series of the Fiendish Faces? What was the fourth character and flavour in the second set? Does anyone still have any of these pots?
- Does anyone have the Fiendish Faces computer game?

- Were the freezable mousses ever called Fiendish Feet, or were they branded as Fiendish Faces from launch?

- Was Slurpy Bertie at one time a Dairy Dessert, a Monster Mousse, or both? Does anyone have a print advert featuring him?

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The Pots!

Regular Pots

Pack 1 - Low Fat Yoghurts, launched November 1989, 4x125g multipack
Spooky Wooky
"The leader of the gang - he has ghostly powers that let hit pass through walls, so he's always making surprise visits!"

Fangs a Lot
"Like all vampires he prefers the night - watch he doesn't ask you round for a bite!"
Frank 'n' Stein
"He's no bright spark, but he certainly lights up when his bolts starts crackling with their electric current!"
Rattle 'n' Roll
"Make no bones about it, you can hear him rattling a mile off!"
Pack 2 - Dairy Desserts, launched November 1989, 4x125g multipack

Pharoah{sic} Nuff
"He used to live in a pyramid but he couldn't see the point! A bit old and creaky, but still does his sand dance down at the disco."
(Someone should have told them how to spell Pharaoh correctly!)

Slurpy Bertie (Replacement for Pharoah Nuff in later packs)
"He's big, hairy and so noisy with his food that only his chum Tongue Twister will sit next to him."

Dooya Finkisaurus
Toffee Apple
"He's got 3-D vision...3 Directional! All his friends think he's great to be seen with."
Howling Wilf
"Thinks it's cool to howl at the moon...when he can actually see through his shades, that is."
Horrible Herman
"A right little devil - when it comes to mischief he breaks all records...and windows, plates, cups..."
"Pack" 3 - MONSTER MOUSSE (Sold individually), launched July 1990, 100g Packs
Tongue Twister
"The biggest tongue you've ever seen, he can lick a lolly at 500 paces!"

Pharoah Nuff (again!)

03/21, NEW!! Slurpy Bertie (Replacement for Pharoah Nuff in later packs)
Snortilla the Grunt
"More hippo than hip, he's big, noisy and loves charging around - he'd never get a job in a library."

Melting Melvin
"He could never be cool because when things warm-up he just starts to melt!"
(Er... does that actually make sense?)
Pack 4 - TREMBLERS (Yoghurt Jelly with Sauce), launched APRIL 1991, 4x115g Multipack
Trembling Trev
"So timid he's scared of his own shadow - lucky he has a pal like Snortilla the Grunt to look after him."
Flossie Flame
Banana and Toffee
"She's hot stuff...but when she's cross she can be a right old dragon!"
Moaning Mummy
"From the same pyramid as Pharoah Nuff, when it comes to bandages she's the Queen of the Wrappers!"
Mesma Eyes
Redcurrant and Raspberry
"Knows how to get her way with the spellbinding stare that makes!"

Fiendish FEET Fromage Frais (Mini "Munch Bunch" Style Pots), launched NOVEMBER 1991, 3x2x50g multipack

Tiddly Wink

Bertie Bandit Masked Menace
Banana Apricot
Sneaky Beaky

FIENDISH FACES (Set 1 - Real Fruit Yoghurt), launched August 1992, 4x125g multipack

Spooky Wooky

Fangs a Lot
Frank 'n' Stein
Rattle 'n' Roll

FIENDISH FACES STRAWBERRY Freezable Mousses, launched August 1992

Snow Joke

Freddy Frostbite
Strawberry (for the record!!)
Drip Dastardly
Eski Moan

Fiendish FACES (Set 2 & 3 - Bio Yoghurts (are these any different to the yoghurts above?)), launched March 1997, 4x115g Multipack


(Visual representation in computer game magazine advert below)

(Visual representation in computer game magazine advert below)

Punky Pete

Yummy Mummy

(Visual representation in computer game magazine advert below)


? (Duplicated with any of above?)

Limited Edition Pots

Ivor Cold Toe (Low Fat Yoghurt)
This one came in a multipack during one of the festive periods, which replaced Fangs a Lot in Pack 1.

03/16 UPDATE: We've located a better photo, along with the cardboard 4-pack top. Unfortunately, we don't have a record of where this photo came from, other than it was from a listing on eBay.


Hot Cross Bunny (Low Fat Yoghurt)
Just like Ivor, this one replaced Fangs. This was a special edition that came out over the Easter period.
A special thanks goes to Nick Atkinson from Stockton-on-Tees for taking a snap of his Hot Cross Bunny pot specially for us. Cheers, Nick!

Cheesey Wheesey (CheeseSpread)
Umm.. Cheese, perhaps(?)
"He wears Old Socks aftershave and has a big menacing grin because he's always saying "Cheese!""
This one came as a standalone and came complete with a lid! The cheese that had filled the pot was Dairy Lea-style.

Other Fiendish Feet items of interest

Fangs a Lot Mug:

Thanks to the original owner of the mug, Keith Newman, for allowing me to use these photos.
Paul Welch of West Sussex, another eBay seller of these mugs, says: "It was so long ago since we got these mugs, I think we collected a certain amount of tokens (can't remember how many) from the cardboard packs around multipacks of 4 pots, then paid just for p&p. I seem to recall that the 'vampire' mugs were the only ones available."
The scan from this blog from shows that eight lids were needed, together with an application form from a kid's magazine.

07/21 NEW!

Dawn from Buckinghamshire has sold another mug on eBay. This time, it even comes with the original packaging! She tells us, "I had great fun amassing my 'special offers' in the 1980/90/early 2000s and it is a pleasure to pass that fun on to current collectors. I kept everything as I received it. I never like to open anything unless I have a good reason. All just put in a storage box in the loft for 20-30 years until now, when I decided they deserve a better life!"
You must have a very large loft, Dawn! The condition of the mug and packaging is also very, very good, probably because they were hidden away from sunlight. Pictures below.


Fridge Magnet:

Matthew Smith from Chippenham has provided us with a shot of this Fiendish Feet fridge magnet.

Trevor Bennett, a seller of the same magnet on eBay says: "The magnet, as far as I remember, came free with Yoghurt packs. The one you have on the link to eBay (expired listing) is badly pictured, but it's 'Spooky Wooky'."
The scan from this blog from shows that they were (also) part of a prize pack, given away to lucky winners of a kid's magazine.


Alistair McBeath of Croydon owns a Fiendish Feet badge, and has kindly sent me a couple of photos for the page, as shown below. "It's about 2 inches across", he tells. "The only place I can think I'd have got it from was a promotional offer from the yoghurts."

Here's a clearer and more accurate photo of the badge that I found on eBay:

Bum Bag:

Chris Dove of Warwickshire, before giving it away on eBay (expired listing), was the original owner of this lovely bumbag.
The scan from this blog from shows that they were part of a prize pack, given away to lucky winners of a kid's magazine.

Fiendish Faces Spook Clips: 01/10 NEW!

Thanks to Jackie MacDonald for tipping me off about this item seen on eBay. Unfortunately, her email address bounced back, so I was unable to contact her for more information. They look like glow-in-the-day clips for your bicycle.

Fiendish Facts Poster:

Glen Stafford has supplied us with a high quality photo of this rare poster. Click on the thumbnail to enlarge (400Kb). Sadly, he is unable to remember where it had come from. It has now been sold on to a lucky bidder on eBay.
Mike Roberts remembers it being a promotional gift from an edition of "Buster" comic, dated 11 Jan 1992. The scan from this blog from The Cobwebbed Room confirms it.

03/21 UPDATE:

Spencer had a copy of this Funny Monthly magazine from January 1992. The front cover advertises the poster as a supplement, with a small note saying it's not available in overseas copies.

Magazine Advert:

This advert was taken from the Teenage Mutant Hero Turtles magazine (Issue 43, dated September 7th 1991). Thanks to Phil for supplying this.
(Click on the thumbnail to enlarge)

10/07 UPDATE: David Thomas from Hackney has sent along another advert with a different storyline. This was found in Issue 20, dated October 20th 1990.


04/13 UPDATE: Sam has found that magazine advert featuring Slurpy Bertie. Unfortunately, he's unable to remember where and when it was from.

Mask: 03/21 NEW!

An eBayer, Anne, recently offered her collection of pots on the auction site. One item of interest that was also included in the lot was this paper mask:

She tells us, "Being a collector from an early age I wanted to have all the pots. I remember the excitement of buying Fiendish Feet in Asda and I vividly recall finding some of the flavours unpalatable but ate them anyway just to get the pots! Unfortunately I can't remember where I got the Fiendish Feet mask. I'd imagine I collected tokens for it and it came through the post as we didn't really buy magazines, but I can't be sure. Hopefully someone else might remember if they see the photo of it."

TV Advert:

Thanks to Christopher Moore of Northern Ireland for posting this advert on YouTube!

Alternative source 1:

Alternative source 2:

A second advert can also be found on YouTube: 08/09, NEW!!

11/14, NEW!!

A third advert can be seen here. Thanks to Sam for supplying this!

Adventure Story Book:

Helen Millington from Carlisle was selling her copy of the story book on eBay. Luckily, we managed to get a few scans of the book before it got sold off. Here are the first few pages. Thanks, Helen!

This colour book (ISBN 0-9518359-0-4) contained:
4 pages of character introductions (shown above)
21 pages of the story of the Fiendish Feet getting up to no good at Funshine Fun Fair.
Crafty Crossword, with references only to the Feet, and not the story.
Match the Monsters, a mixup of sections of three Feets' faces that had to be matched up.
Fiendish Anagrams, providing anagrams of six of the Fiendish Feet, which were to be solved.
Wicked Wordsearch, in a 12x12 grid containing 14 words of Fiendish Feet nature.
Snortilla the Grunt Word Game, a task asking for words of 5 or more characters to be found from the name of this Fiendish Feet. 30 suggestions are given in the solutions page.
Spot the Difference, two black and white outlined drawings of four of the Fiendish Feet having a picnic showing 10 differences between them.
Trembling Trev's Maze. A classic maze puzzle. Trembling Trev is lost, and needs to be guided back to the fridge!
Coded Message. A phrase is coded, but with the help of a 1-2-1 character translation table provided, it can be deciphered.
Answer Page. Answers to Crafty Crossword, Match the Monsters, Fiendish Anagrams, Wicked Wordsearch, Snortilla the Grunt Word Game, Spot the Difference, Trembling Trev's Maze and Coded Message.


The scan from this blog shows a set of Fiendish Feet stickers being given away as part of the Halloween Prize Pack. Other than this, we have no further details. (02/12 UPDATE: Some were also given away in the 03/11/90 edition of Buster comic as shown here).

11/14 UPDATE:

We've got hold of this photo from Muriel in Brighton. She's also supplied us with the following information: "My daughters were very keen on the yoghurts back in the 1990s. My younger daughter gave these ones back to me last week when she was having a clearout at her home. My daughter remembers that she won a competition and was sent a a fluorescent yellow drawstring duffle-type bag with straps, a book and some of the stickers. The others stickers, she thinks, were with the packs of yoghurts. The yellow duffle bag was Fiendish Feet-branded. She thinks the bumbag we got with tokens and both her and her sister had one."

Thanks for the photo and for the additional information, Muriel! I notice the stickers you have feature the initial set of the Fiendish Feet. The blog scan above seems to feature, at least, Snortilla the Grunt and Melting Melvin, so perhaps there were (at least) two sets of stickers produced and maybe at different times. As you reveal your daughter had received a fluorescent yellow duffle bag (which no one else has mentioned thus far!), it looks like we'll have to add another item to our hit list at the top of the page!! (10/17 UPDATE: We've found photos of the duffle bag. See further down.) Also, if your daughter is correct, then it seems the bumbag can be obtained through various means, some of which have been mentioned by others.

03/16 UPDATE:

Some more stickers from the Monster Mousse sets. These are from Alan Clark, who had advertised them on eBay. This leaves the question.. were there also stickers from the other sets of pots?

08/20 UPDATE:

Rose Hartley has an Etsy shop with items inspired by her memories of the Fiendish Feet. Unfortunately, the window stickers are now sold out, but you can still get yourself some retro postcard/prints. Rose has kindly offered a 10 discount with the code FIENDISH10. Check out her shop at

Museum of Brands, Packaging and Advertising:

Thanks to Rose Cole from London for alerting us to this one. There's a Museum of Brands, Packaging and Advertising in Notting Hill, West London that features the Feet in the exhibits. 24 Hour Museum has more. I'll be interested to see what additional info they have on this subject, so I may pay them a visit sometime in the new year!

Fiendish Faces Magazine Advert: 07/09 NEW!

David from Hackney (who also sent in the advert above) sent along this scan of an advert for Fiendish Faces and a handheld computer game offer. It was found in an edition of Dandy, dated November 16th 1996 (issue 2869). The characters and pots shown in the advert seem to be different to the ones in the pot tables above. Does anyone have any information on these? Does anyone have the computer game? Computer game and character update: see below.

Fiendish Faces Computer Game: 07/11 NEW!!

Adam from Buckingham has one of the computer games mentioned in the Dandy advert above, and has sent these photos along to us. He says: "Bear in mind I got this when I was about 2 or 3 years old so it's a bit battered. The green strap is something my mum bought for it so I could keep it around my neck, so that is obviously separate. I'm also told by my mum that I won it. Apparently the underside of one of the yogurts lids had a voucher or something on it for me to claim. My mum sent it off in the post and they sent one of these back. as far as I can tell, the objective of the game was just to get to the end and save whoever was there... I never did complete it, to be honest. I blame that I was too young!"

Fan Art: 04/13 NEW!

We've found some fan art on the internet, from the deviantART website. Check out the works of Paul Thomas and ~Doodleteen!

In Search of Our Throwaway History DVD: 09/13 NEW!

We've been made aware of a DVD which looks at branded products in the past and how they have changed the way we live. Using much of the collection from Robert Opie for the footage, the Fiendish Feet and the Fiendish Faces also make a nice appearance in the documentary. Simon, the producer and director of the film has kindly supplied us with some good-quality screengrabs from the footage. Thanks for these, Simon!

You can find out more about the DVD at
You can also get yourself a copy over at Amazon UK.

Fiendish Feet Duffle Bag: 10/17 NEW!

We spotted John Lynch from Bromsgrove selling this on eBay so just had to ask for his permission to post them up! Here it is next to a 2L bottle of Pepsi for an idea of size.

And there we are.. confirmed that it only has a single strap on the back, as commented on by another visitor.

John adds: "I'd bought it from a charity shop a couple of years ago. I grew up in the 80s and 90s and I had the bum bag when I was a kid but I've never seen one of these duffle bags before." Thanks, John!


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The eBay Section

Set of Fiendish Feet Pots on eBay - expired listing
Can you believe it? I didn't see these before the deadline, or else I may have made a bid on them.
Sadly, they were only flogged for ?!! Outrageous! Makes me wonder whether if it's worth keeping this page on the internet, or not!

The original owner of the pots were Philip Broughton-Mills of Derby, UK.
He's also kindly contributed the following comments towards the site:

1) Going by the date of the comic that the advert is in, the feet were around in 1991. (Ooh, ta! I was pretty much spot on, then! Thanks for supplying a scan for the site, too!)
2) There were only three mousses, sold individually. The two you don't have are blackcurrant Snortilla the Grunt, and orange Melting Melvin. (Thanks. Now added.)
3) Chocolate dairy dessert Slurpy Bertie replaced the original Pharoah Nuff in the four-packs. I would speculate that this was for racial reasons, since Bertie is such an unthemed character he certainly seems like a hurried replacement. Of course, when they bought out the mousses, they realised they had a spare character that had barely been used so re-released him. (Ta. Updated.)
4) I heard there was a single Easter edition that I never saw, which would have been a bunny. I have a feeling he may have been a chocolate spread, equivalent to Cheesey Wheesey. I have no idea if this is right, it may be utter rumour. (Nope, we've since found out it's another strawberry yoghurt)
5) There were mini-versions that came in a pack of six (3x2), like Munch Bunch. You can see two in my auction photo. The third was red and called Sneaky Beaky, I don't remember the names of the two I have! (Does anyone know? Mini-versions added to tables)
6) There was a next-generation of the Fiendish Feet brand that was a four pack (2x2) (We now know they were either a 4x1, or there were two sets of them, since there are 4 characters!), containing two icy characters like Ivor because they were 'freezable strawberry mousses', white Snow Joke and light-blue Freddy Frostbite. The sacrilege was that the feet were much simplified, just a slightly shaped pot. Looked nothing like feet and more like a regular pot. (Perhaps there was a danger that the regular feet would simply snap off inside the freezer? Now added to tables)
7) Do remember the TV advert too? It was for the release of the Tremblers, but had Dooya Finkisaurus in it, I remember. Mesma Eyes hypnotised a burglar trying to steal from the fridge. The printed advert was just a comic version of it. (I still think there was another printed advert, containing the entire set of Fiendish Feet in photo quality. Anyone else?)


8) I've forgotten to mention Tongue Twister who's another of the Monster Mousses. Perhaps there were four mousses in total!! You can see him on the left of my photo. (Cheers, and I've now added Tongue Twister to the tables)

I've tracked down the winning eBay bidder for both the mugs and the set of pots, Jon Blaag. Lucky guy!
He's kindly sent me photos of the pots that I didn't have for my table. You can see which they are, in the tables above, as they're a completely different style to the ones I have.

I'm still missing a photo of Sneaky Beaky, so if anyone out there has him.. or her.............!!

Cheers, Jon!

04/13 NEW!

David C had this collection of pots advertised on eBay. The lot eventually went for 214! That's really good going, David! I hope you don't miss them!

03/16 NEW!

Nicola from [ ] had put up these Tremblers (along with original packaging) on eBay. She's provided us with some good quality photos.

03/16 NEW!

Alan Clark had put these Strawberry Freezable Mousses on eBay and have kindly sent us some better snaps. They're clearly branded Fiendish Faces with the note that they were previously Fiendish Feet (but seemingly without the use of previous characters). I've sized them quite large so you can still read the text.


Visitor feedback and comments:

Regarding the Fiendish Feet mousse pots all I can add is that I seem to remember one of them being called Melting Melvin and it was orange flavoured or something... I seem to remember getting a Fiendish Feet book with all the characters and a story about them all going on a haunted house ride in a fairground - I'll have to see if I can dig it out!

We remember fiendish feet yoghurts!!!!!!!!!!! Where are they now???? Bring them back!!!!!

There is one set that you have missed out. Around 1993, the original set (pack 1) was re-released as "Fiendish Faces". Although they were shaped like normal pots the faces were just as well illustrated. I have also remembered that there were different Christmas specials each year, NO Easter edition and there was definitely no rabbits! (Whoops! We've since found Hot Cross Bunny - looks like you're wrong!) The minis were fiendish fromage frais: Sneaky was a pink pot with raspberry flavour yoghurt, and the others were yellow/banana and red/strawberry. I am pretty sure Fiendish Fromage Frais was the official name of the minis. (Now updated, thanks)

I've had a collection of Fiendish Feet pots sitting on top of my kitchen cupboards for the last 13 years. They include the Hot Cross Bunny that Dave says doesn't exist. It came out either the Easter before or after the Christmas that Ivor Cold Toe was sold. I have another 13 pots but you have details of them already. I might have been tempted to eBay them but there doesn't seem to be much interest.

I think I got the FF bumbag as a promotional device once when I visited Alton Towers, I also had the Fangs-a-Lot mug and I think a magnet, however the only bits I've found are the mug and the bumbag. I don't remember very much - I was only about 7!

My son has a collection of FF yoghurt pots and Cheesey Wheesey - I was tidying up and wondered whether to sling them or not. I have decided to hang on to them for a few more years now! Thanks!

Wow! I'd forgotten all about Fiendish Feet, and only ran across your site whilst Googling for "Quizkids" - yep, another childhood nostalgia kick. I think I tried one of the Fiendish Feet and didn't like it, much to my disappointment - I wanted us to go on buying them because the pots were so cool. Loved anything to do with monsters or ghosts as a kid...

Great site - that brings back memories... they should bring it back don't you think?!

I've just come back from university and was cleaning out my attic when I found my old collection of Fiendish Feet.  So thought I'd Google them and see what was about the net... Very cool and enjoyable little site.... BUT you have a few missing which I have in front of me here.  There are two more pots in the freezable mousse variety: Drip Dastardly and Eski Moan. (Thanks. Now added, together with your lovely photos). I also have another set. They are called Fiendish Faces with the gimmick now being "REAL" fruit yogurt. There's actually a bit of print on them saying "previously fiendish feet". Anyways, as I think someone said, they are the same design as the freezable pots (No they didn't, so thanks for that!). Actually, it would seem that St Ivel stopped Fiendish Feet and actually changed to Fiendish Faces as that's what it says on the freezable ones too. Don't know if it was a costcutting move or something but it was pretty stupid whatever. The feet are pretty crap though as you can see and in an even worse move, these "real fruit" ones don't even have the faces printed on the pot but instead printed onto a sticker which is wrapped around it. There are two strawberry pots and two raspberry pots. The characters are Frank 'n' Stein, Spooky Wooky, Fangs a Lot and Rattle and Roll. However, there is a raspberry/strawberry incorporated into the characters design which makes them different from the other pots. (Thanks for the photos!). And finally... I personally remember (and am pretty certain) there was another print advert. I always remember it because it featured Slurpy Bertie in it and he's the only one I don't have and that was the first time I saw him! Can't remember much but it was a cartoon rather than a photo and I seem to remember it being of them walking towards "camera". It was made to look like night time and there was a fridge in the background.  Something like that anyways. Seem to remember it being on the back cover of comics etc. Don't know if that rings any bells? Phew...and that is that. I also have some comics I've found in the attic so will have a quick look at those for any advert! Cheers for the nostalgia trip.

Do you think there could ever be a "Bring back Fiendish Feet" campaign? I remember them fondly from my childhood and now I have a little one of my own on the way which will never know the joys of Fiendish Feet. Why did they ever stop making them? So many people have been deprived! It's just unfair. Plus I really want them back for my own satisfaction.

May I first introduce the next contributor, who I'm really excited about. It comes from an "Emily" who claims to be the daughter of the lady who invented the Fiendish Feet. (My, this is beginning to fall together in the style of those Justin Lee-Collins programmes on Channel 4! How about we call this bit.. "Bring Back the Fiendish Feet"?! I love it when a plan comes together.. ROCK ON! |oo| )

My mother, Jacqueline O'Neill, developed the concept for Fiendish Feet when she was marketing manager at St Ivel just before I was born in 1990. The pots were stopped being made a while after my mum left on maternity leave as the feet were too expensive. This picture is of a promotional "frozen moment" that was sent to supermarket customers, (including a tasting spoon!), which we just happened to have around the house.

We also have several articles at home about the history of the Fiendish Feet and about my mother developing them. When we find them I will be happy to scan them in and email them to you. My dad has been on an attic hunt and found a few more things but the articles are at my mum's house. This is a promotional card:

Front of the card

Inside the card

This a pack of four of the yoghurts with the seals still attached but they never had any yoghurt in them... my dad thinks they might be worth something one day :)

When my mum first came up with the idea, they were called Fiendish Feet, and I am pretty sure this is what they were launched as when they still had the actual feet. Then later on when my mum left St Ivels, they realised that the feet were too expensive. They then started to slowly merge the feet together until eventually there were no feet. This is when they started to be labelled as Fiendish Faces. I think that's correct. Then pretty much soon after, the novelty of yoghurt pots with feet obviously wasn't there anymore, and so people stopped buying them and they stopped making them all together.

Thanks very much for your contribution, Emily. I sure hope to hear from you real soon!

I just wanted to say that coming on this website brought FEAR into my soul... my mother used to buy Fiendish Feet when I was about four, possibly five. I used to be scared of them and had proper nightmares about them and everything! I'm quite glad that I have found out what they are, perhaps I can put the terror of the Fiendish Feet behind me now. Thanks!

I have been trying to get hold of some of these for ages - I thought I had the whole set in my loft but it appears they have vanished at some time over the last ten years. For purely sentimental reasons, I would be prepared to pay several hundred pounds for a complete, or near complete, set of the Fiendish Feet pots in reasonable condition (I think there were four sets of four pots with feet plus at least two special edition pots). I am serious about this and would be prepared to pay a decent sum of money if someone would part with their set. Any help in achieving this would be greatly appreciated. Something of a long story - let's say I had a deprived childhood and these were like my favourite (only) toys when I was a kid. I have my own kid on the way now and I just got to thinking about my own childhood and when I went into the loft to bring them down I was pretty upset when they were not there - probably lost in a house move at some point. A bit of an odd story but there you go! It's a damn shame my collection is not still there because I could have answered pretty much all outstanding questions on your site - I know for a fact I had the full set of "munch bunch" style small pots in the box, I am wracking my brain trying to remember what their names were - it will probably come to me at some point. Don't give up on the site - it just goes to show you never know who is going to search for stuff!

Hi. Back in the 1980s I worked as a designer for a packaging design agency called Planet Design. Long after FF they became FutureBrand. St Ivel was a client and one project was to come up with new pack concepts for kids yoghurt. Success has many parents, but I'm the guy who had the idea and drew up the first FF. Others working on the project included Ian Webb ( and Steve Gravelle who subsequently became head of design at Sainsbury's and now lives in New Zealand. The original inspiration was those tea pots and cups that had feet which came out in the 70s. Great to see those packs again (though they're not something I proudly show in my portfolio these days; perhaps I should). All the best.

02/12 NEW!
I can help with naming one of the Fromage Frais characters - the banana one specifically. His name was Bertie Bandit (04/13 update: this seems to conflict with the more reliable information we have), and somehow he was my favourite.. possibly because I'd never thought of a bandit as a "monster" before, so he had the novelty value about him! I drew pictures of the Fiendish Feet and everything - think I still have one somewhere, a big group picture of ALL of the Fiendish Feet characters, "re-imagined" as "proper" monsters (as in, not pot-shaped). Must've been 7 or 8 years old at the time, but it's still here somewhere!

10/12 NEW!
Hey, though you would appreciate this little bit of detective work on the 'Fiendish Faces' rebranding... It's from an August 1997 copy of the Daily Mirror and if you scroll down to the very bottom, it should reveal some new info for you.

Thanks for your excellent work, Sam! Here is a quote of what is said in the article, in case it goes offline:
"WE'VE teamed up with St.Ivel for a great giveaway. Fiendish Faces, their vitamin C-packed creamy bio yogurts in strawberry, raspberry and banana flavours, have had a facelift. And to celebrate the arrival of Swampy, Punky Pete, Yummy Mummy and their pals we have 120 exclusive Fiendish Faces electronic hand-held games up for grabs."
So it seems there have been another set of Fiendish Faces.. the clues in the flavours suggest they are a continuation of the Fromage Frais series rather than the yoghurts.. can anyone confirm? I've now added these to the table to a section I feel fits best for now. It also seems to answer the question of who the characters shown in the computer game design and in the magazine advert are.

11/12 NEW!
Hi there. Re: the Fiendish Faces, I've got pretty much the complete set of all the Fiendish Feet/Faces and thought I'd drop you a line about the Bio Yoghurts. Sets 2 and 3 of the Fiendish Faces (can't remember the combinations) consisted of: Bertie Bat (banana), Bloodthirsty Bill (strawberry), Sabre-Toothed Sam (banana), Roger Reptile (strawberry), Punky Pete (strawberry), Bloodsucking Beryl (strawberry), Poison Ivy (raspberry) and Gruesome Griselda (raspberry). When I get a minute I can take some pictures for you if you like. I also have the mini "munch" pots so could also send you pictures of those if you like. Drop me an email. Ta-ta.

Hi, Baz.. loads of potentially excellent information there. We sent you a reply (several times, in fact) and have not had anything back. Where are you?! Perhaps you'd like to drop us another email, just so we can be sure you've typed in your email address correctly. We'll leave the tables as they are now until we can get some verification, as I'm surprised you don't have our existing Swampy and Yummy Mummy characters listed in your comprehensive recollection.

04/13 NEW!
We noticed a set of pots going for auction on eBay. (We were also tipped off by Sam). In the photo, we saw what looked like Sneaky Beaky amongst his pals (he had a big beak!). He was red, and contrary to what Dave (above) has said, we think the missing character is actually the raspberry flavour, not the strawberry, as originally thought. We contacted David C, the seller of the pots, and asked him for a photo of Sneaky Beaky. This has now been added to the tables. Below is a higher-res version of it. You can clearly see the face is dot-matrix printed. What a contrast to the original packs of Fiendish Feet! In comparison, this truly was cheap and nasty.

We asked David if he knew what the names of the characters were. His reply was..

There is no information at all printed on the pots, only the faces, so I have no idea of the other names. Based on colours and rather hazy memory, I think the yellow was Banana and the pink Raspberry.

We've also added a photo of his collection to the eBay section.

04/13 NEW!

We have some excellent follow-up detective work from Sam (above).
I have access to an online newspaper database through my work but even though I uncovered that Fiendish Faces promotion in an old Daily Mirror, never thought to run a search through it.  Anyhow, after seeing [an] eBay auction, it was fresh in my mind when I was using the database yesterday so thought I'd pop it in.

Little did I know that the database also covers a lot of 'trade press' and industry specific publications.  Considering information on these is so hard to get, it turned out to be a bit of a goldmine.  I do not know where to begin so simply compiled all the relevant articles into a word document for you, and highlighted the bits that are relevant in the longer articles.  It's very helpful in plotting the timeline of the brand, though just like everything else this also runs a bit dry once we get into the Fiendish Faces era. There is lots of info on TV and print adverts, promotions and the Fromage Frais. It was quite a change to get so much information!

This is excellent stuff, Sam. We've had a good look through the stuff you sent us and we've now been able to confirm the names and flavours of the munch bunch-style pots! We've also added rough dates to the releases of the various series of pots. Thanks for this! We've also added the comic book advert featuring Slurpy Bertie, which you've now found and sent us.

07/13 NEW!
If anyone is interested, I was the illustrator who was asked to create the faces to go on the original pots (the ones with proper feet). I remember producing dozens and dozens of ideas for the St Ivel team (part of Kraft Terry Suchard in Cheltenham) through an agency called Templar. I've spent 30 years trying to make it as a serious artist and these little buggers have come back to haunt me...
I'm the one to blame for Spooky Wooky, Fangs a Lot, Frank 'n' Stein, Rattle 'n' Roll, Pharaoh Nuff, Slurpy Burpy, Dooya Finkisaurus, Howling Wilf, Horrible Herman, Snortilla the Grunt, Melting Melvin and Moaning Mummy.
You can see where my contribution ended by the slight change of style. After the original run they started taking my designs and illustrating them in-house to save on costs. Later on, the pots with less pronounced feet (Fiendish Faces, from memory) were done by someone else. I'll have a check in the attic to see if I've got any of the old artwork.


Thanks for getting in touch, James! Hope you manage to find something in your attic that'll provide an insight into your famous designs!

08/20 UPDATE:
James has managed to find his original concept sketch and has kindly sent it along to us. It was created in '88/'89. Now that's a proper bit of FF history there!

02/17 NEW!
Hi, there! I won a competition in Fast Forward magazine for Fiendish Feet vouchers, the Fiendish Feet bumbag and also the luminous yellow Fiendish Feet duffle bag. It was a weird backpack as it only had one strap. I used it for school and it got pretty grubby because of the colour but I loved it - I even used it in seniors as a gym bag. Not sure what year, maybe 1991? Hope this helps!

Thanks Sam! And thanks for sending us a photo of you posing with your bumbag  in the 90s! Sadly, still no photos of this duffle bag that people have mentioned! Someone must have something! (10/17 UPDATE: We now have snaps of the duffle bag!)

02/17 NEW!
May be interesting [for you and your visitors]... I drew the Fiendish Feet typography/branding used back in the late 80s when I was working as a freelance graphic designer for the design group (in Swindon) who created the whole branding at this time [for] St Ivel.
It's possible I may still have the original of this in my loft! :)

Thanks for getting in touch, Brett! Here's hoping you manage to find it. We'd love to post them up on this page!

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Websites of interest and credits:
It is the author of the above sites, Owen Morton, who helped me compile the list of the majority of the characters for this page in the early stages of the making of the site.
This article from 1989 covers the Feets' appearance at the ANUGA exhibition in Germany. Thanks to Dave for spotting this.


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