INTERMITTENT PROBLEMS: There have been recent reports of failures for some recordings. Normally, a message that reads "Microsoft VBScript runtime error '800a01a8' will be seen on the confirmation screen when there is such a problem. Should this happen, please press back on your browser and press the Confirm button again. You may need to keep doing this until a 'recording job ID' number is correctly shown on the following page. This problem has been reported to, the mechanism providing the recording service.

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If a "?" is shown before the bitrate icon, then this indicates that the stream has been reported to be unavailable. The resulting recording of this stream may fail, so it is recommended that an alternative stream (if available) is selected in such cases.

!!TOP TIP: mp3 streams will be recorded in a matching bitrate whereas AAC+ streams will be recorded in 64s mp3 format. + =